Sunday, February 3, 2008

Extreme Event of Shiah's Muslims

shiahs observed their holiday Of ashura - day of pominoveniya of the imam of Hussain, killed in Karbala in 680 years. They write that they killed imam severely, with putting of the large number of solid damages; therefore the shiahs are so merciless to themselves during this day. Ashura in Pakistan: So they celebrate in Saudi Arabia: In Lebanon, as usual, they torture not only itself, but also cut heads to innocent babies. Also, its kind, hardening. "New York - the city of contrasts".


  1. I had saw this real with my own...
    i m really amazed how thay do...
    thay really dont feel that thay got hurt...
    its amazing...

  2. actuaaly the information is totally rubbish , imam hussain was not killed by chias but was mercilessly killed by son of mawiya form abu sufyan tribe the imam was killed by 70 strokes of blunt knife from the back of his neck after kept thirsty for 3 days and aftere lifting the dead bodies of 70 of his friends n family including his son of 6 months.... who killed by an arrow in neck.....thats why shia in remembrence to all the torture their imam bore hurt them selves. some day get hold of ashia n ask him that do thay feel hurt? and they would say that no we dont. i will advise all to read in detail the story of karbala nad then post such things

  3. Hi, But my friend Anonymous i am a muslim belong to a Syed family and i totally support you that one should do the research and then post any thing but my question is do we need to do all this? since it is not permisible in islam to hurt yourself. you know smoking is not haram but makroh coz smoking hurts your self so how could Allah or Allah's Rasool, my peace be with him, allows you to hurt yourself.

    being a muslim you can have diff concept provided your basics are not chnaged you are muslim but this activity of you guys being muslim is totally senseless and it is not permitted in Islam also.



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