Sunday, March 23, 2008

Telescope in the eye

The American- Israeli ophtalmological company VisionCare Ophthalmic Technologies created the tiny device, which can soak to people, which have weak sight. The miniature implanted telescope - IMT is the objective with the size of 4 mm, he writes It is intended mainly for the patients of elderly age, since the so-called macular degeneration precisely usually is observed in them.

IMT consists of two lenses, which project enlarged image to the retina, improving central vision. Implanted device must be only into one eye: it will answer for the central vision. Another will not undergo what or changes, it will called ensure peripheral sight. Brain will combine signals from the obtained images and will compose united picture. Although, probably, man it will first be necessary to pass the specific routine of rehabilitation in order to become accustomed to this "divided" sight.

Invention VisionCare - not the only ocular implant, created after lately. Scientists from the university of glasgow, for example, created the electronic implant, based on the technology, which adapts in the digital cameras. According to doctor keyt Met'yuson, implant "durachit" the brain, forcing it to believe, that the retina, which sends to it signals, find in running order. But for thus far British scientists it was possible to create prototype with the permission only in 100 pikseley. "permission in 500 pikseley would approximately allow people to be oriented on the street and to recognize the persons", says Met'yuson

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